answers to frequently asked questions

Do I need to practice yoga to attend?
No, classes will be accessible to all levels. At past retreats, a number of moms had no yoga experience and enjoyed the practices very much.

Can I attend if my loss was an early miscarriage?
Although we feel miscarriage is just as much of a loss as a child at any age, because of the limited space priority will be given to those who have experienced stillbirth, neonatal or child loss.

Can I be pregnant and still attend?
Yes. At past retreats about a quarter of the moms have been pregnant. We understand that being in the presence of pregnancy can be difficult for those trying/unable to conceive, but we are committed to providing a supportive healing space for those at any stage of their journey, recognizing that a new baby does not "make things better" and often can bring up even more grief and complex emotions. If you feel that being with others who are pregnant will be a trigger for you, it is recommended that you discuss attending this retreat with a therapist or other helping professional before registering. 

If I am a mom of a toddler or older child who passed away, can I attend?
Yes. At past retreats losses ranged from stillbirth to 10 years old.

Does my baby’s death need to be recent to attend?
No. Atpast retreats, time since loss ranged from 2 months to 10 years.

Can men attend this retreat?
This retreat is for women only. We are considering creating couples and/or family retreats in the future.

Is my roommate assigned?
If you have any special requests, please write them in the “Additional Comments” section of the registration page.