Emma Hansen

Yoga instructor/ Doula/ Bereaved mother

In 2007 Emma began practicing yoga as a way to support the physical demands of her modeling career, but it wasn’t until she started prenatal yoga during her first pregnancy seven years later that she finally understood that yoga is so much more than just a workout. As her belly grew her practice did too, and with each passing week she learned to let go of inhibitions, celebrate the life growing inside her, and live in the present moment.

When her son, Reid, passed away in April of 2015 she took her pain to the mat, and it was there that she learned to take the skills she acquired to conquer the challenges in asana back out into her everyday life. Learning to use breath to calm her mind, she found peace in the knowledge that the only thing we know for sure is that everything changes—in life and in practice. When you come to her class, you’ll learn to embrace each moment for what it is as you flow through strengthening postures, lengthening poses, and balance work. She teaches anatomically informed, emotionally grounding, and physically challenging yoga that is designed for every-body. Through words of wisdom, precise dialogue, and safe modifications, her goal is to inspire you to live fully as you are, and challenge you to live loudly in the present. Practice and all is coming.

Emma completed her hatha, power, and flow teacher training in 2015 with the renowned Kristin Campbell and Janet Corvino. But as a doula and bereaved mother, her heart feels called to guide and empower women through the incredible powers of pregnancy and birth. So, in January 2016, she is pursuing her passion for working with women in their childbearing years and continuing her education with the fiery and passionate Teresa Campbell in her prenatal yoga teacher training.