Jenna's story

“Greyson is our first born child. I had what I thought was a textbook first pregnancy with no issues at all other than some minor bleeding during implantation which scared me. He was due on 11/12/14, and we lost him during the 33rd week of pregnancy at the end of September. He was born on 9/30 and was absolutely perfect. Greyson Lewis Edwards was 3 lbs. 11 oz. and 16 ½ inches long. He looked just like his daddy except he had my nose and chin, and big feet and hands! We were able to spend the evening showing him off to our families and taking photos we’ll cherish forever. We said our goodbyes the next day, and what I thought would be the most horrible moment in my life was actually very peaceful. I could feel his spirit around comforting me and letting me know everything would be alright. I walked out of that hospital feeling empty knowing all of our hopes and dreams for our son were shattered….

[Since the retreat] I feel that I’m able to live my life a little more freely instead of being held down by so much grief and pain. In speaking with so many women all with different stories, it’s helped me to gain a new perspective and try to focus on living my life for Greyson and in honor of him. I know he wasn’t given to me to ruin my life, and I finally feel like I’m at a point where I can move forward with it even though it is so painful knowing I won’t ever get to experience it raising my firstborn.”