Mariaelena's story

To raise awareness and funds for the next #LandonsLegacyRetreat scholarship fund (link in profile), I’ve been sharing some of the #LandonsLegacyRetreatMama ’s stories. This is Mariaelena @marialenagr , Aby’s mom:

My firstborn son was diagnosed with a Rabdhoid Tumour when he was 4yo. He relapsed at 7 and then relapsed again loosing the battle at 10yo. He had cancer more than half of his life. He was funny, smart, always caring for his neighbor and enjoying the present moment. He was the love and the light of my life.

Loosing him dragged me to a never-ending darkness.
When I first found Amelia’s account on IG I felt the need to meet her. Like as if I knew that she had something to do with me finding the light again.
And then Landon’s Legacy was born.
Amelia found the strength, the wisdom within her sorrow to put together 24 moms and guide them into the light again. The place, the practice, the sharing, even the unbelievable alignment of nature gave me the chance to discover that I didn’t loose my Aby…. That he lies inside of me and, in my heart, his heart will go on.

Meeting these 24 wonderful women was the best thing that ever happened to me. We ARE for each other and keep in touch almost daily. It’s been amazing to have 24 eager ears to hear me talk about my beautiful son Aby.

Thank you Landon for everything you inspired your mom to do. And thank you dear Aby for leading my heart to find this retreat. Mami loves you mi niño