aby's mama

My firstborn son was diagnosed with a Rabdhoid Tumour when he was 4yo. He relapsed at 7 and then relapsed again loosing the battle at 10yo. He had cancer more than half of his life. He was funny, smart, always caring for his neighbor and enjoying the present moment. He was the love and the light of my life. Loosing him dragged me to a never-ending darkness. 

Jude’s mama

On June 4, 2014, my son Jude was born still at 30 weeks. He is my first child, and there are no words to describe the heartbreak my husband, family, and I have endured since. In fact, I’m not even sure there are words that describe the experience of your child dying. When he died, I felt like I died too. I didn’t how I could possibly go on living life without him. I feel like I lost full months of my life in a fog of disbelief and sadness. 

Greyson's mama

Greyson is our first born child. I had what I thought was a textbook first pregnancy with no issues at all other than some minor bleeding during implantation which scared me. He was due on 11/12/14, and we lost him during the 33rd week of pregnancy at the end of September. He was born on 9/30 and was absolutely perfect. Greyson Lewis Edwards was 3 lbs. 11 oz. and 16 ½ inches long. 

benedict finn’s mama

I was 36+4 when we discovered our sweet Benny no longer had a heartbeat. His nickname was "happy feet” throughout my pregnancy, a nickname given to him accidentally by my mother. He definitely lived up to his nickname as he liked to kick around early in the morning and wake mommy up before her alarm clock… He was born 17.5 inches and 4 lbs. 1 oz.

Saul's mama

It was a normal pregnancy, with all the usual milestones, but at 29 weeks pregnant I called Labor & Delivery after experiencing some cramping. A few days later, my husband and I headed to the hospital just to make sure everything was okay. It was there that they broke the news: I was in labor! I will always remember seeing my precious baby boy for the first time.